CG Human State Rights Commission



The Protection of Human Rights Act 1993, (an Act of the Parliament), provides for establishment of the National Human Rights Commission at the national level and State Human Rights Commissions at the state level. In the State of Chhattisgarh, the CG Human Rights Commission was established on 16th April 2001. Shri Justice K. M. Agrawal, a former Chief Justice of Sikkim High Court was appointed as Chairperson and Shri K. A. Jacob, former D. G. P. of Bihar was appointed as member vide Notification No. 4139/GAD/2001 with effect from the date they assumed charge of the office.


general General Info

The Human Rights Commission is an autonomous high power human rights watch body which derives its authority from the Protection of Human Rights Act, 1993. Its autonomy lies, among other things, in the method of appointment of its Chairperson and Members, their fixed tenure and the statutory guarantee provided in section 23 of the Act, and the financial autonomy referred to in section 33 of the Act. The high status of the Commission is found in the status of the Chairperson, Members and its functionaries. Like other Commissions, only a former Chief Justice of a High Court can be appointed as Chairperson and, likewise, the Secretary to the Commission is an officer not below the rank of Secretary to the State Government. The Commission has an investigating agency of its own.