"EXTENDING one hand to
help sombody
has more value than
FOLDING two hands for prayers. "

"Never Think Hard about PAST.
It brings Tears.....
Don't Think more about FUTURE,
It brings Fears.......
Live this Moment with a Smile,
It brings Cheers !!! "

"A Mountains is not higher
then your

"Beauty of GOD !!!
If he doesn't give us, when we ask,
He will surely give us when we need. "

Welcome to CG Human Rights Commission

CGHRC Introduction

The Protection of Human Rights Act 1993, (an Act of the Parliament), provides for establishment of the National Human Rights Commission at the national level and State Human Rights Commissions at the state level. In the State of Chhattisgarh, the CG Human Rights Commission was established on 16th April 2001. Shri Justice K. M. Agrawal, a former Chief Justice of Sikkim High Court was appointed as Chairperson and Shri K. A. Jacob, former D. G. P. of Bihar was appointed as member vide Notification No. 4139/GAD/2001 with effect from the date they assumed charge of the office.

Acting Chairperson Shri Giridhari Nayak, I.P.S. Officer of 1983, RR Batch retired as D.G. SIB, Naxal Operations, Home Guard & Prisons, Fire and Emergency Service, Chhattisgarh on 30th June 2019. He joined Chhattisgarh Human Rights Commission as Member on 05.10.2023 and acting chairman from 06.10.2023.
  • Serving as Superintendent of Police of Six districts of Madhya Pradesh, over a period of Nine and Half years, Shri Nayak was accredited with successfully handling maximum communally sensitive districts of Madhya Pradesh, ranging over the period 1989-93.
  • Shri Nayak was posted as Deputy Director of S.V.P. National Police Academy, Hyderabad and handling senior course, training and administration. He had successfully led the relief team of National Police Academy to the Super Cyclone in Odisha in the year 1999 and the Bhuj earthquake 2001.
  • Shri Nayak recruited flawlessly more than ten thousand police constables of Chhattisgarh. He had contributed immensely to the Planning, Designing and Developing of Police Training Centre at Chandkhuri, Rajnandgaon, Mana, Jagdalpur and Borgaon and trained more than 20,000 police constables.
  • Shri Nayak planned and developed the organizations of Special Intelligence branch and Commando unit for fighting Naxal problem in Chhattisgarh.
  • Shri Nayak prepared the Musketry Manual of Chhattisgarh. He prepared the Jail Manual and SIB Manual of Chhattisgarh.
  • Shri Nayak had contributed immensely to reform and modernize the Prison System by enhancing infrastructure, introducing e-prison system and solar system for lighting, cooking, fencing and blanket cleaning in prisons. He constructed barracks with additional capacity for more than nine thousand prisoners and 2000 toilets for solving overcrowding problem in prisons.
  • Shri Nayak prepared the Project for Fire and Emergency Service and SDRF of Chhattisgarh. He made sole contribution in developing Fire and Emergency Service and SDRF teams in Chhattisgarh.
  • Shri Nayak had successfully handled Six General Elections in Bastar Region and two General Elections of Chhattisgarh. Election Commission of India has duly commended his work for successfully and efficiently handling the General Elections in the year 2009 in Chhattisgarh.
  • He had dealt with LWE problem for more than a decade in various capacities in Chhattisgarh and erstwhile Madhya Pradesh.
  • Shri Nayak’s articles have been published in many international magazines. Shri Nayak has authored two books, “Professionalism among Constabulary” and “Neo-Naxal Challenge : Issues & Options”.
  • Shri Nayak received Indian Police Medal for Meritorious Service and President’s Police Medal for Distinguished Service.

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